Matteo Bruno PhD

Assistant Researcher


I have always been fascinated by how simple fundamental laws of nature can generate the complexity of our world. Complexity science is one of the modern tools of science to understand biological and social interactions. Simple structures mix and combine to give rise to higher order objects, and many parts of this long process are still unknown and hard to discover. In my research, I want to explore different topics to discover why seemingly unrelated systems actually work in similar ways. In particular, I am interested in the causes of human behaviour and how from biological and social needs of living creatures their complex interactions are born and evolve. I believe understanding these drivers can help create a better and more harmonious world. After finishing my PhD in network science, I joined Sony CSL in Rome to work in the creativity team, and in particular on topics of urban mobility. Here we work on new exciting projects at the forefront of science, with a focus on research that can be useful to build a better future and society. Every day there is the opportunity for me to learn and discover something new.